AC*/DC/IR HiPot Tester 5000V @ 100mA AC, 6000V @ 10mA DC and Insulation Resistance to 50GΩ (test voltage 10 – 6000V DC), 40A AC Ground Bond test 7854

Brand: Associated Research

Models 7854 are a 4-in-1 solution with the addition of 40A AC Ground Bond test capability added to. * Meets 200mA short circuit requirements The best dielectric analyzer available just got better. We’ve combined superior testing power and ease of use, with an innovative sleek design that showcases all of our productivity and safety enhancing features. Our touch screen capability allows you to interact with your instrument as you would with your smart phone. This simplifies setting up your system and test parameters. Get even more out of your instrument with direct barcode connection, this all-new feature increases efficiency and production throughput. HypotULTRA will improve the productivity and safety your production line in every single way.


AC/DC 5kV / 6kV
Scanner Internal , Modular Scanner
Interface USB , RS232 , Ethernet

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