Bench Top LCR Meter with sweep function DC – 1MHz

Brand: BK Precision

The testers is capable of measuring a wide range of components and materials with basic measurement accuracy of 0.05% at test frequency ranges from 20Hz to 1MHz. Users have the ability to configure AC and DC test signals. The AC test signal voltage is variable from 5mVrms to 2Vrms, the AC test current is adjustable up to 66.7mArms of drive current, sufficient for larger inductors and transformers. A built-in DC bias voltage source with a range of ± 5V / ±50mA allowing users to apply a DC signal to the device under test to simulate in-circuit conditions.
The built-in linear and logarithmic sweep function can be used to conveniently display, analyze and store primary and secondary parameters of a component at up to 201 sweep points.
The meters are also outfitted with standard SCPI-compliant USB, RS232, Ethernet and GPIB interfaces that help enhance design and test productivity.


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