100MHz Dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator.

Brand: Tabor

Four waveform types may be generated, standard, arbitrary, sequenced arbitrary and modulated. It’s virtually like having four different generators in a compact package. Standard waveform are sine, triangle, ramp, square, pulse, noise and DC. The arbitrary generator sample rate is 250Ms/s, 16 bit resolution and a 1Mpts memory, option 2/4Mpts. Output voltage is 16Vp-p/50Ω or 20Vp-p/50Ω (option). Modulation AM, FM, arbitrary FM, ASK, (n)PSK,(n)QAM, Frequency Hop, 3D and sweep. Standard interface USB, LAN and GPIB. ArbConnection is a Waveform creation and virtual remote control software that comes with the instrument.


Output level 20Vp-p/50Ω
Resolution 16bit
Channel 2
Interface USB , GPIB , LAN
Frequency range 50.1-100MHz
Waveform Arbitrary , Standard
Memory length 1-2M

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