Regenerative Electronic Load 20kW, 10 V to 500 V, 120A

Brand: Kikusui

High-capacity regenerative electronic loads contributes to carbon neutrality! Its highly efficient power regeneration reduces energy loss up to 90%.

The PXZ series of highly efficient, reliable, high-capacity regenerative electronic loads has a rated power of 20 kW in 3U. Two models is available in 500V / 120A and 1500V / 30A.
In addition to the constant-current, constant-resistance, constant-voltage, and constant-power operating modes, this series has an I-V characteristic function that allows the user to set arbitrary

I-V characteristics for each CC and CV operating mode.
The series is also equipped with various functions, such as sequence,

pre-charge, synchronous operation, pulse, sine, and VMCB functions. LAN, USB, RS232C external analog control (isolated type) communication functions are included as standard, GPIB is optional, allowing easy integration into various evaluation systems. The PXZ series is highly scalable, and its capacity can be increased up to 200 kW when operating in parallel (up to 10 units).


Interface RS232 , USB , LAN

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