Three new RMS Average Power Sensor with frequency range 54, 67 and 75GHz with dynamic ranges from -60dBm to +26dBm

Brand: LabyBug

True RMS Average Power Sensor+™ With Triggering 9 kHz to 54 GHz with Dynamic range -60dBm to +26dBm

The LB5954L is a high accuracy, platform independent RF & Microwave Power Sensor for general purpose average power or True RMS and scalar measurements. The sensor features exceptionally fast measurement speed, a broad dynamic range, and the widest set of options for programmatic and embedded applications in the industry. SPI and I2C interfaces for ATE, direct control & embedded applications.

LadyBug’s feature rich Power Meter Application is provided with each sensor. Time domain trace visibility is included and aids in setting markers.
Recommended for average power measurements on signals with any modulation type including: 802.11ac, GSM, CDMA 2000, CDMA (IS-95), TDMA, Multi-Tone, OFDM, CW, QAM, including radar, satellite and telecommunications.

True RMS Sensors 4kHz – 75GHz
LB5908A        1MHz to 8GHz
LB5908L        9kHz to 8GHz
LB5912A        1MHz to 12,5GHz
LB5918A        1MHz to 18GHz
LB5918L        9kHz to 18GHz
LB5926A        1MHz to 26,5GHz
LB5926L        9kHz to 26,5GHz
LB5940A        1MHz to 40GHz
LB5940L        9kHhz to 40GHz
LB5944A        1MHz to 44GHz
LB5944L        9kHz to 44GHz
LB5954L        9kHz to 54GHz                                         NEW
LB559A          10MHz to 12,5GHz
LB5967L        9kHZ to 67GHz                                         NEW
LB5975W      50GHz to 75GHz                                      NEW
LB579A          10MHz to 18GHz
LB589A          10MHz to 26,5GHz


Peak & Pulse Sensors 10MHz – 8GHz
LB478A          10MHz to 8GHz
LB479A          10MHz to 8GHz


Pulse Profiling Sensors 50MHz – 20GHz
LB480A          50MHz to 8GHz
LB680A          50MHz to 20GHz


USB Power Meter True Average Sensor RMS

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