Bidirectional High-Capacity DC Power Supply 0V to 1500VDC, -30A to +30A, 20kWower

Brand: Kikusui

PXB20K-1500 bidirectional high-capacity DC power supplies condenses a 20kW large-capacity output into a 3U-size chassis. Not only handling high voltages

of 1500V, but also capable of both power and regeneration in both directions in a single unit.
We provide a new power supply test environment for electrical and electronic equipment that is becoming increasingly high-powered. In addition, a variety of analog, digital, and communication interfaces are provided for optimal operation at any stage of research, development, and manufacturing!
A new generation of bidirectional DC power supplies that support the progression of advanced technologies.

High power density: 20 kW in 3U size. A single unit handles both power and regeneration. Rated output voltage 1500 V.

Select a model with an input voltage from 200 VAC (3-phase) or 400 VAC (3-phase).

Continuous operation at rated power at ambient temperature of 50°C

Up to 10 units (200 kW) can be operated in parallel
Equipped with touch panel display

Standard interface are LAN, USB, RS232C, external analog control (isolated type).

Regenerative function (on-site), and external control I/O is standard for both NPN and PNP type PLCs



Current (A) 30-50
Interface Analog , USB , GPIB , LAN

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