AFV-P-2500 High Performance Programmable AC and DC Power Source

- AC 0-155Vrms/0-310Vrms, 2500VA, 20A/10A, 15-2000Hz - DC 0-210V/0-420V, 1250W, 10A/5A AC Power Source High Performance Programmable AC Power Source High Power Programmable AC Power Source Regenerative Grid Simulator AC Power Source/Frequency Converter DC Power Supply Programmable DC Power Supply High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

Brand: Preen AC Power Corp.

- AC 0-155Vrms/0-310Vrms, 2500VA, 20A/10A, 15-1000Hz
- DC 0-210V/0-420V, 2000W, 10A/5A

- AC 0-155Vrms/0-310Vrms, 2500VA, 20A/10A, 5-2000Hz
- DC 0-210V/0-420V, 2000W, 10A/5A

Preen's AFV-P series is a programmable AC power source with stable DC output and precise measurement capability. Used for Power line disturbance simulation (PLD) for
Pre-compliance test of IEC-61000-4-11/14/28 etc. LED Dimming easily set up leading edge dimming trailing edge dimming by TRIAC dimmer simulation.

AFV-P series provides comprehensive programmable features (Step, Ramp and Transient features) and a total of 1200 Steps in 50 built-in Memory Sets, so that users now can easily configure various voltage and frequency combinations for simulating global AC power conditions, such as surge, sag, spikes, and dropouts. With the advanced PWM technology, the AFV-P series is capable of delivering up to 4.5 times of peak current from its rated current, which is suitable for motor-type test with inrush current issue. Additionally, user can set the start/end angle of the product output from 0° to 359°.

It's come with USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet interface, GPIB and Analog Control is option.



Voltage (V) 0-300
Current (A) 0-5 , 5-10
Output Single Phase
Interface Analog , GPIB , LAN , RS232 , USB

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