Battery Charger/Simulator and DC Power Supply, +/-30 V

Brand: BK Precision

The BCS Series battery charger/simulator and precision DC Power supplies are optimized for testing batteries and battery-operated devices. This series features source/sink capabilities, a bipolar output, and a variable output impedance with dedicated battery charge, discharge, and simulation modes. It’s serve as a precise single channel or dual channel DC power supply with fast transient response and low ripple/noise characteristics.

Applications include evaluating batteries and charger circuitry used in cell phones, wearable devices, and other IoT devices.

  • Source or sink up to 150W with 2-quadrant operation
  • Compact 2U form factor
  • Perform battery charge, discharge, and simulation tests
  • Bipolar output
  • Sink current up to 5A
  • Variable output impedance 0 Ω to 1 Ω
  • Low noise < 3mVpp
  • Fast load recovery time
  • High 100nA current readback resolution
  • OVP, OCP, OTP, and key-lock protections
  • USB (USBTMC-compliant) and LAN interfaces standard


Models Battery charger/simulator

Product Data Sheet