The model 4000 series of Advanced Multiproducts calibrators

Brand: Transmille

The 4000 series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers and design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies up to 8ppm.
Transmille 4000 series is available in two model with different accuracy.
Model 4010 ±8ppm and 4015 ±15ppm accuracy.

Summary specification for the models 4010 and 4015
DC Voltage 0- ±1025V 8ppm, 15ppm
DC Current 0-30A ±50ppm

AC Voltage 4010, 20mV – 1000V, 10Hz – 1MHz ±0,015%
AC Voltage 4015, 20mV – 1000V, 10Hz – 500kHz ±0,03%
Resistance 0Ω - 1GΩ ±8ppm, ±40ppm

Capacitance to 1 – 10µF 0.25%
Inductance 1mH – 10H 0,5%

Frequency to 10MHz

Temperature (Thermocouple) 11 types
Temperature RTD/PRT 2 wire variable/2,3,4 wire passive
Oscilloscope calibration from 250kHz to 6,4GHz
Plus a number of internal and external options



DC Voltage , Current
AC Voltage , Current

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