Model 523 DC Voltage and Current calibrator from Krohn-Hite

Brand: Krohn-Hite

Stability: ±1ppm - Resolution 7½ Digits - Maximum Output Current 110mA -
2 and 4 - Wire Output - Optional Output Voltage Limits 17V to 100V - Auto Zero Offset Calibration (AZOC)  

The  523 Precision DC Source is a highly stable and repeatable DC voltage source and DC current source providing N.I.S.T. traceable voltages and currents for use in production, calibration labs. Using Krohn-Hite’s state-of-the-art reference, the 523 provides accurate and stable voltages from ±10nVDC to ±110.99999VDC to within ±4ppm for 90 days (±8ppm for 1 year), and precise currents from ±10nA to ±110.99999mA to within ±8ppm for 90 days (±16ppm for 1 year).

It is an extremely quiet source with keystroke or over the GPIB interface bus. The unit is designed for a "Covers On Calibration” using the KH523CAL


Modell DC Voltage Source / Calibrator , DC Voltage / Current / Source / Calibrator

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