DC to 1MHz Wideband Power Amplifier

Brand: Krohn-Hite

The new Model 7620 offers a combination of power17/34W, performance and versatility over the range of DC to 1MHz.
With the ability to drive either resistive or reactive loads, together with its power and voltage capability, low distortion, and flat response make the 7620 ideally suited for applications such as:
Driving piezo electric transducers, Ion beam deflection, Vacuum tube driver, Meter calibration, Ink jet testing and design and even as a Bipolar high voltage power supply.
The 7620 provides 17 watts of continuous power (34 watts at DC) and 141Vrms from dc to 500kHz. The frequency response is ±0.1dB to 10kHz, and the distortion contributed by the amplifier is <0.01% to 5kHz and <0.3% to 100kHz.

The 7620 provides input modes of A, A–B and –B, common mode rejection of 80dB, input coupling of AC or DC, DC offset control that is variable from 0V to ±200V.

Standard interface is GPIB and optional LAN Remote Control


Output Bandwidth DC-500kHz , 501-1000kHz
Output Gain >x50
Channels 1
Output Voltage 101-300Vp-p
Output Current 101-200mA
Output Power >50W

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