AC/DC Digital Power Analyzer (800Vp, 20Arms/200Ap)

Brand: Prodigit

The 4016 is a new generation digital power analyzer
designed specifically for single channel AC/DC power measurement. The 3.5” TFT LCD display screen provides graphics display and digital display. Oscilloscope function of 4016 digital power analyzer for using some measurements such as harmonic distortion, It can directly capture the waveforms, values and can provide the harmonic values, the graphics amplitude of each harmonic, providing highly accurate and convenient power measurement.

The Energy Star's standby power measurement has to meet IEC62301 equipment requirements. The 4016 digital power analyzer is designed to comply with IEC62301. It offers complete measurement requirements, including Power Integration minimum current range to 2mA (resolution 0.1uA) and the minimum measurement power of 0.0001uW, meet the

specification requirements of 0.03W standby power measurement.

The 4016 digital power analyzer current measurement range is rich wide. it can provide 18 selectable current ranges from 2mA to 200Apek and provide 6 selectable voltage ranges up to 800Vpeak. For the larger range of current and voltage measurement, it can also be combined with external CT (Current Transformer) or shunt, such as Prodigit 7550A,

1000A and use with the PT(Potential Transformer) together to meet the measurement requirements.

In order to understand the stability of the UUT(unit under test), the 4016 provides the Data Logger function, which is 256 states store for Vrms, Arms, Watt, PF, VTHD, and ITHD. If PC is available, there will be no limit states stores quantity. It provide convenient and accurate power measurement of UUT stability.

In addition, to understand the effect of the UUT (unit under test) on long-term repeated ON/OFF. The 4016 built-in a power switch can control the ON/OFF angle of the input signal, test period and repetition times to 9999 times, such as turn ON and turn OFF every 10 minutes continuously, the longest repeat test period can be longer than 138 days.

9942 measuring fixture box is an optional accessory to adapted plug/socket of UUT easily connect 9942 with 4016 digital power analyzer to test many different kinds of plug/socket UUT.

For remote operation, the 4016 digital power analyzer provides 4 optional interfaces GPIB / RS232 / USB / LAN data capture and storage.


Manufactor Prodigit

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