2317-V0000 RESISTOMAT®

Micro Ohmmeter for cable production and laboratory

Brand: Burster

An accurate instrument have 9 measuring ranges from 200µΩ to 20kΩ with a max resolution of 10nΩ and accuracy of 0.03%. Maximum measurement current is 7A for 200µΩ and 2mΩ range. Wires and motor coils windings can be measured with temperature compensation. Measurement value indication can be changed in Ω, Ω/m, Ω/km, Ω/ft, and Ω/kft.

The temperature of the sample is measured with a Pt100 or a pyrometer and the resistance is then corrected to the equivalent at e.g. 20⁰C (adjustable) in the instrument. 16 device settings such as the measurement range, limit value, temperature coefficient, etc can be saved in order to test samples with different parameters in an automatic measurement system. The input is protected up to 400VRMS. Standard interface are RS232 and PLC, USB and Ethernet is option.


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